Fun Weekend – though I forgot my camera

I didn’t have to cook dinner on Friday or Sunday – see, it was already great!

Friday night  a Jr FIRST LEGO League family had us over for dinner, and took us canoeing on their pond.  Getting on water always relaxes DH.  He said he knew he was in Rehoboth when I said, “Turn left at the donkey.”

Saturday Mom took me out to the Peabody Essex museum (and Thai for lunch) to see an exhibit of Dutch master paintings.  Oh my word.  They were like miniature worlds.  There were baskets of magnifying lenses all over the exhibit, and a figure I thought detailed with my naked eyes turned out to have finger nails and eyelashes that I couldn’t see without the lens.  The river scapes reminded me of Nyack, no wonder the Dutch settled in the Hudson River Valley, it must have seemed familiar, if a bit hilly.  I also enjoyed the marine arts exhibits, the art work was arranged by theme, with lots of notes explaining how they related to each other, even with games.

The family section was the first time I wished I’d brought the kids, they had optical illusions and perception games.  Incredible.

The mall where we ate lunch was creepy.  Salem has a lot of Halloween themed shops because of the famous witch trials.   But the noodle bowl was yummy.  At the museum garden, I finally encountered a tree peony outside of a gardening magazine.  A particularly fragrant white flower made me wonder if there is a tree peony perfume.  If there is a perfume like that, even I might remember to wear perfume.

Sunday was fun, I had a new student in Sunday School, Brian the brilliant seminary student preached on the rapture (which didn’t happen Saturday), and Mom made us steak on the grill.  I decided to crochet my sample sweater, because I was enjoying it, even if I’m not completely easy in my mind doing needlework on Sunday now that I’m earning money with it.   I’m not really a strict sabbatarian, but I do think it’s important to keep Sunday special.  K actually took a nap, then woke happy to blow bubbles and make a stamp picture with Grandma (she doesn’t pronounce it Yamma anymore, sigh)  for Mrs L at church, who let her play the piano with her after the evening service.

2 thoughts on “Fun Weekend – though I forgot my camera

  1. Welcome to the new blog! I have to see those Dutch masters in person some time. I’m guessing photos of the works in books don’t do them justice.

    Peace and Laughter!

    • When we looked at the coffee table books in the bookstore, the photos were larger than the actual paintings.