Yesterday I knitted a holly leaf that I liked, an actually holly leaf has been sitting on my craft desk since Christmas – mocking me.

Pleased, I went on my way with regular duties.

That evening I sat down to replicate it – and had to unravel it stitch by stitch to figure out what I’d done.

I almost have a chart now for what will work.  The side ‘thorns’ have a tendency to curl under and disappear, but the leaf arches like the real ones do, and I THINK blocking can set the thorns – if they are made of non superwash wool.

So the end idea is – when you are developing something new, write down what you are doing as you are doing it because no matter how good you are at ‘reading’ a finished object – some pesky details will slip away.

Will I really take my own advise?

Probably not.

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