I Added the blog roll

Is it funny that I don’t totally use Charlotte Mason ideas in our homeschool, but that most of the homeschool  blogs I linked to do?

I didn’t know how to make the automatic WordPress links be invisible, so I deleted them.  I may rue that later, hopefully they were just there for advertising purposes, not to do updates and things like that – I think I just made a boo boo.

Oh well, besides getting photos up for the relatives, and giving me near daily writing practice, the point of the blog is to learn – how does WP work, can I use it for the eventual knitting business site?  How do you use google analytics to find out about traffic (and not obsess about why people like the funny posts with pictures but not the heart felt musings about life, homeschooling and serious stuff).  And to connect with cool web people.  Not to do it perfectly whatever that means.

But the daily writing practice does pay off when I have to write business letters to the school district.

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