My Job is to Keep the Children from Melting

And they were still alive at supper, so I did it.

We took recess at Capron Park today too.  The kids were more interested in playing under the weeping fig tree than in the sunny playground. (do all fig trees weep? this one is like a tent)  B figured out how to climb it by starting on the low end of a branch, then climbing up the trunk, all the low branches had been pruned off.  M followed, and got wedged.  I thought I would have to drive home for the ladder (and DAN!) but once M had my shoulder to step on, with B pulling up, and K singing a song about being stuck in a tree, he got free.  A bit scrapped, but fine.

I’m so loose endish at the moment.  I’m in communication with two different tech editors on two different patterns and I’m not knitting or writing anything at the moment (the yarn is in the mail.  Tell me established designers don’t have this problem?  They must just time everything perfectly, or have such a huge stash they can make swatches in a weird color while they wait for the rest?  Maybe I’m dreaming.)

But, tonight, I made a few digital collages out of the digital scrapbooking elements and downloaded Dover Press images that M liked for his portfolio topic dividers.  They aren’t following any theme accept that M liked them, and color and pattern looking good to me.

No photos, no journaling, just play.


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