Surprise Sturbrige Visit

Thursday afternoon I looked at our calendar, and noticed that Friday said “Do something.”  I asked Dan when he got home if that meant he had off from work.  After he walked back to work, it turned out that he did, so, we took the family to Sturbridge (we bought a membership in April)

We packed a picnic lunch to eat in the cool of the pines by the parking lot.  B gamely (despite his face in the photo) entertained K while I put the sandwiches together.

We tried to walk to areas we haven’t explored before, like the school house

Massachusetts had a 90% literacy rate in the 1830’s.

Stilts take some time learn

M won the beat the hoop race – much to his delight, having just learned how to beat a hoop, and been cautioned that it’s hard to WIN a game you just learned.

the kids were invited to chase the sheep back to their stable from their grazing pasture.  K flung herself into the process.

I remembered at the end of the day that I had held the camera all day, so I asked Dan to record me.

Last time we were here, I apparently promised that we would let them play the games that were too big for them, and whose information is unavailable to my non-readers, because, they are not reading yet.  So, yes, we did let them play those games again.

Was the sudden holiday a success?  I’m not at all sure.  Dan did take a day off, we did so a Summer type activity even though we school in summer.  It was a lovely day too.

I think Dan needs that two week holiday we decided that we couldn’t afford.


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