We are almost done with the floaty part of the morning, M is doubtless making something in his room, K is eating her breakfast (again) and I wrapped up some formatting issues in my pattern.  (All I need are the wonderful photos of the sample I’m not done knitting yet, and then I can publish it.)  B already left for his last rehearsal before the concert.

So, time to take stock of the day.  I need to look into a logic curriculum for B, start laying out which weeks will make up our sixths of the year, figure out what’s up with my HSLDA membership…but actually, I can give all that long term stuff a break, My in laws are coming over this weekend, and we need to make the house welcoming.

So, menu and groceries this morning, catch up on laundry, tidy up so the floors can be vacuumed, have Matt do his vision therapy session, maybe transplant my poor lavender?  Maybe wait until fall when it’s not so hot and dry.

I should peek back at August entries, I’ll be most of them are filed under “Getting Organised.”   Like this one.

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