We got the Power!

My Mom remembered the week of no power back in the early ’80’s when a willow crashed through my bedroom window and damaged our landlord’s roof.  She stocked up better than I did, so we ate at her house a lot.  I had plenty of peanut butter in stock, but wished I’d hard boiled the eggs and made a whole caraf of coffee, not just a cup.  The town North of us has a small local electric company, so they had power by Sunday night.  We got ours restored last night (Tuesday)  The neighbor girls ululated with impressive vocal technique.  My kids cheered.

On MOnday, Dan suggested that we take a trip to Sturbridge Village, they had power in the 10% that needed it, and coffee. So it turned out to be an unexpected holiday.

Tuesday Morning, Dan let me take just B shopping so he could try on jeans without really bored siblings dragging along too.   While I was away, he cleaned the fridge until it gleamed.

So, this last week of summer, we’ve cleaned out closets, bought longer jeans, and I’ve half heartedly read teacher’s manuals.  At least we’ve been sleeping better with the cooler nights.

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