First Day of School

Dan took the little kids to the zoo yesterday so I could finish organising myself.  I have set aside the books I need, written two die cut lists of things I need to do everyday with M, attached them to the school time bag and packed it, so everything is in one spot.  (Any day is a good day when it involves a little paper crafting).

Dan finished upgrading lots of computers yesterday (anyone need a new, older computer?) and the way to B’s too small for him desk is cleared of the parts.  Yeah!  We have the workshop floor back.

B filled in a schedule yesterday, he was up and showered before I was done making oatmeal.  He’d already had toast, so he avoided the dreaded oatmeal breakfast.

The rain is a pleasant break from yesterday’s stuffy heat and humidity.  I feel excited, even though the first day of co-op usually feels more like what I remember of the first day of school – the day I saw how much my friends had grown over the summer.

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