Metamorphosis Itches.

At least I imagine it does, never having done one of those fancy growth stages insects do.

We’ve had two good days of beginning school – no more than the usual glitches.    B did twice as much mathwork as I meant for him to do of the easy review in the first chapter of the algebra book (no wonder he was cross).  I did find the grammar book, so I didn’t have to buy a new copy.  It was under an old computer Dan was fixing.  The new Logic curriculum came, but since I thought it would not arrive until next week, I didn’t schedule B to work with it until then.  (I ordered the wrong book first time around, though I’m sure someone around here will enjoy an Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, so I’m not sending it back).  The big trouble is that K is not happy about playing quietly nearby while I work with M, even if I do “school work,” with her first, nor is the privilege of hanging out with us during schooltime wowing her this year.

And she’s going backwards on potty training.  Not only is she not aware of her body’s signals there, but she’s hungry when the kitchen is tidied up, bored of food during meals, tired when we drive, awake late into the night (and during naptime)…We are butting heads on all schedule type things.  I put a hopeful interpretation to myself that she is about to learn a lot, or finally catch on to toileting, but I’m not actually sure why her timing and signal are so mixed up.  Allergies?  Emotions?  Boredom?

I think I need to tighten up consequences, show her more attention and affection, and do a project with her.  I have white chocolate chips and coconut, we planned on makng Congo bars when we were grocery shopping this morning (she did behave nicely at the grocery store today).

I have not always managed to behave nicely through these days of changing from Summer to schooltime either.

Maybe we can all go to bed early tonight, after eating our cookies.
































































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