Game Face

Yesterday K and her friend G tested new toys at the Hasboro Fun Lab.  Afterwards, we took our bag of free toys to the car, and drove to Slater Park to climb the structures together.  K and G have a love/argue friendship – they’ve come a long way though.

This morning I was playing K’s new game with her and M.  They’ve already lost the instructions, but B read them to M yesterday, and he insisted on a strict way of playing, though I did insist that K be allowed three tries since she is so much less coordinated than M and I.  M also refused to let me re-interpret another rule (which B remembered as the original after all) and K and I tied.

M is grouchy about it.

K wanted to play with the new game, M wanted to compete, I wanted to be a nice Mom and do something with the kids.  I used to think that the educational games that were non – competitive were the way to avoid wrangles like this, but as B says, if you can’t loose, you can’t win either.  I guess at some point, they all learn to say, “Thanks for the game,” whether they mean it or not.

Thanks for the game kids…and Hasboro.

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