Sometimes the blank days mean life was too fast to record

This last week was not quite as busy as the blanks in my journal from 3 days before M was born to when he was 9 months old.  But…oy.

Lots of appointments, the first day of co-op, a one day family reunion because my Uncle from Brazil was on his way to a wedding and we haven’t seen him in two years, then manning a booth for church at a block party (We must be scary, people made a wide arch around us.) Then I got to teach David and Bathsheba…to second and third graders in Sunday School.

Since I wasn’t sure how many of them knew about the birds and the bees, I relied on euphemism.  David “should not have spent time alone with someone else’s wife,” and Bathsheba, “sent him a message that she was in trouble.”  But the main point that the kids got was; if you are the King, and it’s Spring, and you care about your troupes, don’t leave them to Joab’s tender mercies, go out to war.

After all that,  M came down with stomach flu.   Who’s next?

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