Well, I’m not flattened.

This was the second co-op Friday of the year.  I did not remember to pack the computer Dan is giving the friend of someone at coop, or my camera.  Turns out the friend of the friend also needs cables and a monitor, so I’d have been bringing all that again anyhow.  Neither did I remember the graduate’s tiara, or the package of photos my Mom is sending one of the ladies.

I’m not teaching any classes this semester, but I’m so tired.  Sometimes I think it’s weird that I coordinate this group, because I always turn out as an introvert on those personality inventories, and here I am in this people person leadership type role.

Well, I’m glad I get to help the co-op on it’s way, all those varied people are pulling together and making something lovely for our kids.  I’m glad I ate my egg with my oatmeal, and drank my big glass of water at lunch time with my pbj.  I’m glad I hired the brilliant teenager to make our data base 3 years ago, because cranking out a class chart with it is easy, even if my flexible folks change their minds right up to and beyond the first day.

And right now, I’m glad the younger kids are in bed, because that’s where I’m going too.

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