On Your Mark, Get Set, Amen

M heard his friends playing outside and dashed towards the back door.

“Wait,” I said, “You must finish your fish.”

M returned to the table, vibrating with joy.  Shovelled his dinner down, then ran for the door.

“Wait,” said Dan, “I haven’t read the Bible yet.” Out of mercy for M, who believes he never gets to see the neighbor kids often enough, Dan shortened the reading to two Proverbs. He closed the through-the-Bible-in-one-year, and put it in the tea towel drawer, when M dashed towards the back door.

“Wait,” said Dan, “I haven’t prayed.”

M returned to his seat.

Dan prayed very briefly.

“Amen!” yelled M, and thundered down the hall, shutting the back door so loudly the springs in the china plate holder twanged.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Amen.

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