My sewing machine is Happy this Week

My Mom says of me, “My Chris, she always wants to wear the OLD ONE.”  If she bought me a new pair flip flops, I’d cry. What if the old flip flops felt bad about my perfidy?  Toy Story II was hard to watch.  So last winter when my zipper broke, I bought a new one, thinking maybe I’d install it in my red coat, the one I fixed before K was born with a new interlining and lining (ambiance anti-static, wonderful!)

But this time around, I thought maybe Mom was right, because the fabric at the sleeve was badly frayed (OK, it had split at the hem crease).  And the fake suade toggles were threadbare.  Too bad I don’t have some leather, I thought, then, digging through my fabric stash: what is in there?

A 1/8 yard piece of ultrasuade, that’s what was in there!  HA: use what you have.  It was more than enough to replace the toggles, loops and to bind the cuffs.

Maybe it’s not just my insane attachment to familiar clothes – it was interesting to dig inside my coat.  The zipper was installed with a 2 inch overflap to cut the wind, I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever actually sew a coat from new materials.

Now I’m working on the kid’s Halloween costumes.  I’ll post photos if I find the camera – I either left it at my Mom’s house, or It’s buried under mail on a flat surface; my other obsession this week has been reading Black out and All Clear by Connie Willis.  See, it’s Annie’s fault ;-)



2 thoughts on “My sewing machine is Happy this Week

    • I did. I’ll have to re-read some bits; still haven’t figured out some of the threads – but B is reading it now, Dan finished on Thursday or so.