Just Finshed the costumes!

Its the time of year I pull out Paper Mask Making.  But this year I tried two innovations:  I substituted craft foam, and used the sewing machine.  There was not enough (any) poster board in the colors I needed (who wants to do a presentation in drab colors?) and there were large sheets of craft foam – which is a bear to glue.  So I bought extra and tried using the sewing machine.  I thought the stitches would make the foam tear, but the universal needle was fine.  Instead of clamping the back of the head, I inserted a large square of elastic.

The longest part was gluing the feathers on K’s wings: I figured, if I left any extra, she’d get them all over the house (and I have enough trouble paying attention to cleaning up.)  Besides, the boys thought her costume should have way more feathers.

So, I’m done.  Wow.  The sewing machine is way faster than glue, and I don’t have to hem anything, AND M has a softer texture on his face than poster board would have been.

K was making paper bow ties for “Piggy-bake-ride” her pillow pet.  Every once in a while, she would borrow my ruler to “measure” them.   Apparently I hum a lot when I measure things, because that’s what K did.

Still looking for the camera…

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