Hey Ambitions: calm down!

Yes you guys, you shining, pretty, exciting Ambitions you: I can’t keep up and I have a headache.

You know, you are only around for helping me keep going, you aren’t the ones in charge?  Well, in case I’ve been forgetting that, move over to the passenger’s seat.  Don’t even THINK of touching the wheel.

I can’t get the Holly and Ivy mittens published before Christmas.  I do have to get my printer working right now to get B’s daily assignments printed, I think I told K that she and I will do a puzzle together, I’d better bathe soon, the house needs tidying up before the girl I’m sewing for comes by (after the orthodondia appointment) and I hope I’m not forgetting anything.  Oh yeah, today’s homeschool lessons.

And there were some unexpected co-op logistics too.  I wonder how they will roll out?

Ambitions, sorry, maybe it’s not actually you guys’s fault.  Maybe it’s the Worries.

Worries – you are not welcome at all – out of the car right now!

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