and then the phone rang

Last week as I drove to co-op, I realised that

1. I still had not found my copy of the church key and that

2. unlike the other weeks this semester, Pastor was not already in the office.

Therefore, I was locked out.

I thought to myself, is this what I was dreading?

A quick commandeering of someone’s cell phone brought pastor to the rescue, and Colleen thought of holding circle time on the lawn as long as we were locked out, then doing set up once we were inside.

And everything was fine.

This week I mentioned to Dan that sewing a satin dress meant that I really would definitely not get to the housework that I usually don’t manage to do and haven’t trained the kids to do yet either.  He smiled and said he kind of thought so.  I wondered why I didn’t feel relieved yet.

I got my submission to a really cool book proposal out in the e-mail before the deadline – my sketch was dreadful, because I draw like a 13 year old, but I haven’t gotten rejected yet, and she said she’d send out rejection letters by the 21st.  Maybe that’s why the nerves?

I was going to analyze my emotional reactions to the current cluttered and crowded state of my life, but then the phone rang, and K needed help with something and the satin dress fell off the ironing board.

Yeah – totally looking forward to Thanksgiving Break.



2 thoughts on “and then the phone rang

    • Thanks Annie. I kept saying “Be anxious for nothing but in everything…” and fretting anyway.