Sit-com Day, meet duct tape.

So, we did survive Friday.

The wonderful co-op ladies did indeed flex with the shortened schedule.  We really did get the church funeral-ready by 1PM (even though I had to keep myself from saying something snippy when the flowers started arriving while we were still rehearsing the play.)  As far as I know, the family sang, prayed, told stories and were comforted.  I do know that they (or our sextant?) had the building tidy by 5PM when we returned to set up for the evening.

With all the funeral flowers, I suddenly remembered bowing time flowers.  But not who you are supposed to give them to.  So I put our director in the spot of reminding me what the tradition was (some for her, some for all the hands.)  Which put me in a funny spot of buying flowers for her, and myself.  (I love them, by the way, they are in K’s room, because she loves them too).  When we got home, I made all the kids lay down, and phoned Flowers by the Station

Me- can you give me 4 really small bouquets, one slightly bigger bouquet, for under $30, by 4:30?

Flowers by the Station – Sure,

Me – Sorry for the late notice, I forgot about the play tradition

Flowers by the station – It happens all the time.

Me – Phew.

Guess who actually slept at nap time and who played with Lego when she was supposed to be in bed?  Oh well, she didn’t wake her brothers.

Once we got to the church (Dan came early too, he knows the sound system) K played downstairs with other younger siblings.  Our Mouse from the Pool of Tears asked me to jury rig a tail.  She was supposed to hold it when she tells Alice a dry tale to dry off with – which leads to the caucus race (as in real politics?)  All I could find in the VBS stuff closet was duct tape.  So I reeled off two arm lengths, stuck most of it together, and stuck the remaining sticky bit to her jeans.  Voila, a tail.

The rehearsal was lovely, the sign language class did a lovely introduction, the play was a blur.

M was playing the Doormouse, and he fell asleep and did a summersault during his bow, the Hatter (B) and March Hare dragged him off and propped  him up. B remembered all his (many, many) lines as narrator and Hatter, I messed up a few times as set crew (in all black, even though my only black bottom was a long skirt), but I acted like I was supposed to be there, and no one noticed.

We had at least 100 people, the cake decorating class had enough cupcakes to sugar them all up, Moms had brought enough cheese and crackers (some brie too, major yum) to counterbalance it.

We all slept in this morning, even K.

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