Saturday Afternoon with K

All my guys are at the LEGO Club making mindstorms robots for the upcoming F.I.R.S.T. Expo – so K and I get to…well, I’m remembering my 3 year old all by myself skills, and they are rusty.

Today I first tried to convince her that it was still naptime – even though the guys were loading the car.  Then I told her that Mommy’s throat hurt and nap time should be a few minutes more For Mommy, but that she could play quietly in her room. When I heard the music box on the old crib mobile that you have to be an adult to reach playing, I knew that naptime was over.  She was stuck on top of her dresser with all her drawers pulled out to make a stair.

So, we split a package of Oreos, I started the Pooh movie, then I vacuumed.  She was afraid that I would miss the movie, but I held up my fingers to show her what 1/4 of the house being done meant.

When the floor was done enough, I brought the new paper punches and glitter cardstock into the living room to punch shapes out for the card we are making at the LIFE Homeschool Christmas Crafting Fair on Friday.  That lasted through the movie, but K wanted ALL the paper, not just the parts I gave her, and she was dubious that you could cut more out of the big scraps.  My hands were a bit sore from raking this morning so I put that all away.   (And removed the temptations from K).

Then she asked if we could put Christmas decorations up in her room.  I said we needed to put happy music on first, then clean out her closet.  She actually parted with a shoe box of old toys, and I cleared out half a garbage bag full of broken things.  The nativity advent calendar is hanging on the back of her door, and she had emptied all the pockets.  The old plastic house she hasn’t played with in ages is full of wise men and angles, and the floor is messy again.

But it was vacuumed first.

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