Not going to the Fair.

We are still adjusting to the idea of staying home from crafts, food, music and friends – the last part is what the boys most enjoyed, though I’m sure the food was a big part too.

Dan heard me coughing this morning, and told me to stay home.  He’s driving my crafting kit to the church now as I type, I labelled everything with the steps used to make the cards, wrote my name on all my tools, and made a quick card with K before it went out the door. K is the only one of my kids that ever thought doing crafts with Mom was cool.

I proposed that we play Christmas Music, baked cookies, rent a movie, and decorate the house.  The boys said that that would just make it all worse.  I lost my temper and told them to go mope productively, so M is doing his vision therapy and B is taking a shower.

Great way to show leadership in the home, eh?

I hope we can salvage what is left of the day on take two.

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