Random Happenings

B’s concert was short and sweet, K didn’t have time to get naughty when Dan took her out to the hallway to fidgit and dance.

This morning one of our Dairy Queen light bulbs failed spectacularly, and burned a hole in the rug after it fell out of the light socket.  Dan documented it in photos and will be writing a stiff note.  That light bulb picked the wrong Test Engineer’s house to fail in.  (Dan was going for husband of the year too; he cleaned up all the shards, dug though the marble run set that was in the crash zone, and vacuummed, finding a missing library book in the process.)

M is able to do his vision therapy independently, including setting up the laptop.

K has been extra nervous lately, Dan thinks it’s because of his longer hours lately.  She’s not only got separation anxiety about me and Dan, but B and M also.  The wind is making her window into a fipple too, it sounds ghostly at all hours.  On a brighter note, she has collected a whole shoebox of drawings and collage for her cousin, and she’s worried that she won’t draw enough presents for everyone in time for Christmas.

My mitten pattern is coming together!  The hard part is telling myself it’s time to stop writing and go teach the children, when things are working, I want to keep going.  But I promised K I’d play a game with her today, and re-read the picture book I found yesterday at the library.  Ursula K Le Guin writes picture books too – who knew?

2 thoughts on “Random Happenings

  1. Isn’t it amazing where library books end up? :-)
    Ursula K. LeGuin’s Catwings series is one of our family’s favorites!

    Peace and Laughter!