I Need to Bake More Cookies

My kids will really appreciate that title. Everyone has off from homeschool for the duration, except B, whose flute and Spanish tutorials are ongoing, so his practice is. I’m enjoying my vacation, investigating how to integrate the blog on the ChristineGuestDesigns.com site more closely in style – reading up on child themes in WP, and CSS.  At least I suppose I can call it enjoying. Dan is running to the library to get me more reference books this morning, then it’s my turn to run errands at the grocery store, then his turn with the car again for a foray to Toys R Us, maybe. I’m so glad he understands obsessions – but I am going to have to step away from the computer at some point, because company arrives tomorrow, and we are out of Christmas Cookies.

Yesterday my friends Betsy and Rich stopped by on their way to catch the ferry to Long Island. I got to see all of their children, especially the little girl I helped bring home from China. She smiled all the time, made her Daddy tickle fly her though the kitchen, giggled, told stories, and looked so confident, healthy and comfortable. She and K dove into K’s new set of stamps, markers and GLITTER GLUE together, with zest. I gave them some of the old scrapbooking embellishments that have been scolding me from the shelf for a few years – all gone. Those girls know how to use up old paper flowers!

K got ink on her sleeves, and glitter glue in M’s hair.

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