Went Swimming today

With the kids.  So I couldn’t count how many times I went up and down the pool, but both K and M ate hearty suppers and went to bed cheerfully, so they got exercise.

The Y is looking nicer than the last time we had memberships.  Those nasty yellow blinky lights in the pool are gone – white ones now, and a potted tree in the corner.

The lady at the front desk knew exactly which paper work to hand me, and even though K was fussing (I’d forgotten the old trick of packing post swim snacks) we got our memberships straightened out.

I didn’t even have trouble parking.

So, I did not cut my hair in vain.   Can I say that yet, or do I have to establish a morning lap swim habit first to say that?  I’ll have to be brave and gracious for that last part, the last time I regularly swam, the morning life guard regularly told me scary stories about her sister-in-law who homeschooled badly.

I think I’ll be brave and gracious on Monday.

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