Status of the Scholars

M has been reading a controlled reader a day for the last 3 days, mostly remembering which letter is d, and which one is b or p. The ease or difficulty of that reading depends on how much his teeth and eyes hurt from orthodontia and vision therapy.

K has been the one coloring M’s history pages while I read to them, today she asked for help in cutting out the characters from “The Clever Rabbi of Cordova,” then both she and M narrated the story back with finger puppets. Her version was much shorter, and focused on what eating a piece of paper must have sounded like. Both of them have the February blahs AKA, “No one wants to play with me…get out of my room!”

B has gotten so, so much faster at finishing his algebra homework, he must feel like he’s gotten unchained, except that he has 2 more co-lateral books to finish up before the 17th.

At least, two of them are math books, he’s reading about matrices right now, voluntarily.

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