Reset Week

“Only the best trash for you Babe!” said my husband.

He has off for President’s Day today – he’s repairing a friend’s laptop, and re-furbishing a desk top he picked up on the side of the road.  It’s faster than my current workstation, and he has a really fast graphics card for it too.  He’s photographing the process as he works on it, I may get a guest blog post out of it soon, as well as a newer, faster computer with fancy graphics card. (You can take the engineer out of the lab on his day off but…)

Meanwhile, M and K are mostly over feeling sick, but Dan, Ben and I have scratchy throats, so we aren’t visiting our friend’s house today to meet their new golden-doodle puppy.  (B may forgive me soon).

I’ve done most of my organizing for this next 1/6 of homeschool!  I’m leaving the ‘read the print outs and know what I’m doing’ part for tomorrow when I have jury duty – because most likely I’ll be sitting in the jury pool room held in threat so the parties will settle.  I’m also packing some samples to knit and Temari Balls to embroider (for my co-op class).  Hopefully the variety will keep my wrists from getting numb.

I’m slightly nervous that I’ll actually serve and the time will go beyond a day or two.   B’s work is automated.  If he has his list and his books and a desk, he’s good.  But M needs a teacher at his elbow, and K needs … everything.

We aren’t exactly jumping back into homeschool after tomorrow’s jury duty day off (for the kids), but we aren’t exactly taking ‘vacation week’ either.  We like to take field trips when the other kids are in school, so we have the docents to ourselves.  But I do think my kids and I need a break right about now, so on one day, we are visiting cousins in the city, and another, we will meet that really cute dog!  I’m just not sure which days those will be right now.  (And those aren’t exactly days off either, because B will have a Spanish lesson at our cousin’s place, and I will plan a co-op class while petting the pup.)

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