round button chicken

This Sunday, M was sick enough to have a fever and stuffy head, but well enough to be bored by videos and board games.  Staying home from church to play video games seemed wrong somehow to me, in a vague way, so we took a walk.  It was milder than most Spring days, and he bundled up; sort of.  Grandma gave him his new spring jacket, and it has cool pockets and rivets.  (You can’t call a boy’s jacket pretty.) We compromised by putting his snow pants on and gloves.

This bit of neighbor’s lawn has lily of the valley under the leaves.  I gave the same speech to each of my kids as we’d take this walk, “Smell the flowers, but don’t ever eat them!  They are poisonous,” and each kid, even the toddlers gave me the look of, “Mother, why would we eat flowers?” Even the one who really did eat a mushroom, and Yew bush berry.

I wondered if my point and shoot could catch the sunshine sparkles.  I was happy that it could.  It did a nice job with the sun on the moss too.

M’s real plan for walking by the Attleboro Land Trust Pond was to dig up big rocks, and throw them in.

Which he did.

I thought this path was pretty, but it looked happier with a little boy trudging on it.

Even if it was time to meet up with the family and eat lunch, he didn’t want to go home.

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