I’ve finished my samples for the class.

I’ve used up a grocery bag of scrap yarn,

another grocery bag of old thread,

5 styrofoam balls,

and two old shirts.

5 thoughts on “Temari

  1. that looks amazing!!! cannot believe that was odds and ends yarn and such, very cool!!! now wishing I could take the class;-)

    • I’ll e-mail you the syllabus; if you are good at learning from internet tutorials, it’s not that hard. sort of string art/God’s eyes meets embroidery.

    • It’s amazing how simple and complex something can be at the same time.

      http://www.japanesetemari.com/index.html has a lot of links, and free patterns. Her book is the clearest explanation I’ve found for marking the balls initially, and you can buy the darning needles from her website. Everything else you can recycle, or buy at a craft store. I thought at first I’d need to buy tons of styrofoam balls, but wrapping waste yarn around rags (or even plastic grocery bags) was so easy and much cheaper.

      I think Marina would love it – if she’ s not to busy at college.

  2. Some of my older shirts have been disappearing from the closet, and ending up in Temari balls. What is a man supposed to wear on Saturdays when his favorite shirts are cut up inside some art? (Luv ya, babe!)