The problem with do it yourself science type activities is that 1) they are messy and 2) you have to scrounge commonly available objects and recycleables.  Some things become less common as packaging methods change, so  you have to be wary of old books that call for, say, the bottom plastic ring of a 2 liter soda bottle, or a clear hexagonal ball point pen tube.  Even though I loved studying science in college, I find that contests and co-op classes help me to actually do it with children, though oddly, not always with my own.

Same with swimming.  I mean, I need accountability, not that co-op helps me exercise.  That’s what the blog if for.  Now that we are done being sick (mostly) I’ve taken the kids swimming once last week, but I haven’t gone solo for laps again.  I did take a walk alone before breakfast yesterday.  There were tulip shoots up, interesting frozen mud formations, and blossoms on the loniceria fragrantissimo maxima.

But it was too cold to smell them.

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