Why do we have to clean house for my birthday Mom?

We just do.

Sunday we realized that date was the 11th.  That meant that M’s birthday is Tuesday.  Somehow I thought it was after co-op started – oh wait, if co-op had started on the 9th instead of the 16th, then M’s birthday would have been after co-op started.

So, birthday dinner: M’s request is meatball subs with vanilla rice pudding for desert.  I need to get groceries.  At least we’ve already got the presents stashed away (we bought one of them on sale at Christmas time.)  If the upstair’s neighbors can come over without presents (no time to buy them, and no room to store them in M’s room!) we are all set.  I’ll have to get the recipe for sub sandwiches from my Mom, she’s the one who makes them for M, so that’s what he expects them to be like.

We’re holding the birthday celebration on Thursday because Daddy has meetings at church on Tuesday and Wednesday – M decided he’d rather wait to open his presents until then as well as have his friends over.

He passes the marsh mellow test!

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