to do list

I’d like to blame it all on DST, but I’m sure my natural lazyness in involved.  Two cups of coffee so far and I’m NOT awake.  Had an interesting dream about snakes that could weed a garden though.

Wash K’s hair

Rub her itchy skin with eucerin

comb out the knots in K’s hair

M’s school

Go to the Park

Clear off flat surfaces so the house feels orderly, perhaps festive?

Tidy the floors


Make the meatballs, sauce, grate the cheese

wrap M’s present (Not sure where Dan stashed his special present for M – maybe he wrapped it already?)

Write the class outline for tomorrow’s co-op

print the class outline

make tabs for the floor officer’s clipboard for co-op

pack all co-op stuff in the car

possibly make and pack the lunch too – if we are having this much trouble waking up, tomorrow will be the same, only we actually have to get out the door and go somewhere


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