Rememebering March

Last week Dan comforted me when I sighed at my crowded craft desk, “That just means it’s spring.”  Co-op re-starts at the same time Jr F.I.R.S.T. Lego starts, and our weekends become SO crowded.  At least the house stays picked up, because it must.  And everyone sees their friends regularly because the parents and siblings of the Lego team stay during club; so B gets his Cattan game (with extension!) and K gets to play with G. “I want a sister!” she announced after the tearful farewell.

March and April are so crowded that when I ask myself, “How did we handle this last year?” I don’t remember.

So, future self, remember this:

They really do help clean cheerfully when they know they are cleaning so they will have room to play games with friends on the floor.

Once they are over DST, the Spring sunlight wakes everyone up and gives everyone energy.

But that same sun means tree pollen; stock up on tea and decongestant.

The quick meals section of the old cooking light magazine  stash are great for this season: and if you plan ahead to have a sandwich meal night, an egg something night, as well as soup, you won’t get kitchen angst at 5PM.  Remember Auntie Leila’s advice; start at 4:30.

And B likes hogie sandwiches on co-op days better than pbj.

Also, the other little girls have lunch boxes.  K wants one for her snack.  which means you need to pack an actual snack, not just an extra apple and block of cheese to cut up later because you are running late and you have to get out the door because you are the one with the key.

Don’t even think of feeling guilty for how long it takes to get patterns out the door right now: if you get to make a chart or two this season, it’s gravy.

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