Are we caught up on laundry yet?

K was sick last night, stomach flu of some sort.  That explains her clingy/demanding yesterday.

She reminded me (politely!) that we were going to do the rainforest puzzle together after breakfast, and she put a few of the pieces in herself.  She asked me what the animals were saying to each other, and made up stories about  them.  I don’t remember her referring to the box picture before, but she was able this morning to find where in the puzzle her piece belonged.

I’ve really got to think about  her, “school.”  She’s bored, and mourns that, “Momma, I can’t read.”

B just finished his algebra.  He has also eaten breakfast, and taken out the garbage (before it was collected at the curb!)  Dan insisted on the former, and me the latter.  When K asked him to start a cartoon for her, he asked the ceiling why everyone was in conspiracy against him finishing his math.

So, laundry?  I’m out of quarters, but Dan might make a bank run at lunch.

One thought on “Are we caught up on laundry yet?

  1. Tell Kari, by the end of co-op she will be able to do word games, and spell/read some simple words, get the boys to play UNO with her for numbers, but she can call out any number for the non number cards, we will play it Friday, lots do fun!!!
    Pretty sure I am bith B, we may not get to math on the near future either, ah well, ancient history beckons:)