Which Calender?

School year, Tax year, Liturgical year, gardening year…all seem to be colliding into busy.

This afternoon M gets to evaluate some toys at the Hasbro fun lab (he’s already cleaned out space in his room, they pay him in toys.)

Jr F.I.R.S.T. Lego club

Tomorrow is co-op, and Dan has off for Good Friday – perhaps he and the boys will go to the joint service in Dighton/Rehoboth, he may finish up the taxes while we are out of the house and out of his hair.  There should be extra children at co-op, either foster kids that can’t be homeschooled, or babysat kids.  I hope we can skip Good Friday next year, by starting earlier, but I’m not sure how that will fly.  I have a so-so track record of reminding everyone of a change in routine.  Probably those families with the extra kids would drive all the way to the church only to find no friends and no activities: maybe we’d better just meet on Good Friday like usual.


Peaceful K on swing at WWI and II park

Friday after coop we have to clean house.

Saturday morning is Lego club, then we are meeting friends for a picnic (I think?).

Sunday is Easter, I’m thankful Mom is cooking dinner.  The little kids are afraid I’ve forgotten to buy them any candy, and it’s true I haven’t bought any yet, they’d know, they come with me to all stores.  I figured Dan would like to do some fun shopping, Mom usually always buys jelly beans, and their other teachers at Sunday School usually do little presents, so they will have enough extra stuff to cram in their bedrooms as it is.

M just last night threw out his stale Halloween candy.

I bought B his bag of potting soil, at the Big Lots next the the grocery store.  We had to stand in line next to the decorated Easter Baskets, K almost went out of her mind with desire and frustration. B will plant his hot pepper ( and sweet Italian peppers) this afternoon.  I want to start my Dahlia bulbs indoors too.  That will crowd the kitchen a bit until we can send the plants outdoors, I wonder what I can clean up or move elsewhere to make space?

These purple crocus are done, but they were pretty while they lasted

Yesterday K took the bag of seeds I bought her for the extended beds out of the refridgerator, and asked if we could plant them.   Most of the seed packets said we should already have already started them indoors, but I’ve grown them in situ before.  You know, sunflowers, nasturtiums, stuff that’s fairly easy.  I don’t know if we are done with hard frosts, but this Spring has been so mild, I’m risking it.  We left some seeds in the packets and put them back in the fridge just in case; if we loose the first set of seeds, we can re-plant, or set up staggered blooms.

I think if I’m wise, I’ll prepare Sunday School tonight: I’m not seeing peaceful gaps on Saturday.  I think we are up to the Crossing of the Red Sea, the ten plagues was last week. (Passover Lamb leads into Good Friday at least)  Maybe next year I’ll at least  get Sunday School aligned with the Liturgical Year, and schedule time off from homeschool…but probably not.


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