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Last night K told me the Easter story, but mostly wanted to know why the tower of Babel wouldn’t work if Jesus ascended to Heaven bodily. That kind of makes it like a place you could climb to bodily. She’d marked her place in her Jesus Storybook Bible to point out what she meant. I guess I should be looking up answers to that one, but I’m mostly happy she could think it through and make connections with the stories well enough to frame the questions.

It rained and hailed today; tulips fine, my allergies ever so much better. Dan even scooped up enough hail to throw a snowball.

I had to apologize to my kids yesterday for loosing my temper at them when they kept asking me questions when I wanted to research how to format my pattern in LaTexa. Then I felt like giving up on the pattern.

Of course, once something is about 95% done, I usually loose all inspiration anyway. I just wish I’d been polite while gathering will power and determination.

Dan set up my desk so I could read the editor’s notes on the laptop while working on my pattern on my regular desk top – so luxurious.

Tonight we are eating up the rest of the Easter ham in some scalloped potatoes – I’d better tidy the kitchen, Mom is coming over to enjoy them with us.

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