Saturday Morning with the Girls

The Lego Club has one or two more meetings until the Expo.

Since Dan is coaching, my main job is taking the young siblings out so they don’t get into the older sibling’s Settlers of Catan game, or the actual Club’s modeling. (The other parents usually stay until the meeting is over, so there are plenty of adults around for propriety.)

We’ve got a tradition going: walk to the playground at the Elementary school, then over to the library.

They like to pick me flowers

The small bridge over the small river is exciting: could that log be a shark fin?  It wasn’t last week, but maybe it is now…

I overhear their conversation as I push the swing.

– This is getting complicated.

– What does complicated mean?

– That’s when the swing goes too high and you are scared.  MOM! Stop the Swing!

– We go to my Grandma’s tomorrow after church.

– You have a Grandma too?

– Yes, she plays games with me, and does Christmas.

The rhododendrons at the library make a great fort.

The stairs are thrilling too.


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