Cross post: Attleboro Sweater Available for download

When I was a High School Student in the 1980’s, I wanted to make a cozy sweater that took the best of current fashion, and something a princess would wear while fighting along side Robin Hood.

Thankfully, what I got was this sweater.

The Attleboro Sweater is available for individual download in American Crochet terminology. The British terminology version is still available by downloading issue 21 of Inside Crochet.
It’s up at Ravelry

And Craftsy


I used Quince & Co Lark yarn, which is delightfully soft, and has an interesting company story. The somewhat loose gauge avoids stiffness.

Their are 4 inches of ease in the sweater, but the schematics will help with customizing the fit.  I varied from the CYC measurements in the armseye in the larger sizes.  There is a much wider underarm strip, to keep the sleeve depth from falling halfway down the side of the sweater.  If the first row in the instruction looks odd, it’s because of this modification.

The sweater has an interesting construction. It begins with the underarm strip, then the raglan seam.  The work splits for front, back and sleeve halves. The seams are located at the center front, back and on the top of the arms, instead of the usual sides and armseye. All seams are straight, there is no setting in of a sleeve. The Yoke is worked separately.

Despite the lacy top, this sweater is heavy and warm.  The neck is wide enough for a turtleneck or shirt collar.   It made walking to class considerably warmer when I was a student at Houghton, in upstate NY, where it snows uphill both ways.  If Robin Hood had needed me, I would have been practically dressed, and cute.

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