K and Paper

K is my girl.  Give her a bunch of raw materials (paper, recycling stuff before I can take it out, old beads…and  a LOT of glue) and she will make more stuff than I can easily store.  Miss Jamie at co-op has been teaching her letters and numbers.  K already plays phonogram bingo and up and down the stairs with M when he reviews them, but she’s been asking me to what signs say, drawing t and o on her drawing and asking what they mean, and generally paying more attention to letters and numbers.

Last week, before her haircut, she wanted to join the boys as a monster.  But she had these dainty little hands.

NO problem, she found a square of left over cardstock, cut the middle in a zig zag, and made claws.

Now that’s a novel use for scrapbooking leftovers.

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