A Week ago Tuesday Boston Children’s Museum and Museum of Fine Arts

Mom and I split from the Dan and the Kids at Ruggles station.  There were 3 fiber-y/fashion exhibits we wanted to see: Beauty as duty, Figure/Fabric/Fantasy, and Embroideries of Colonial Boston. Maybe my sketches for magazine submissions will go better if I draw on a large scale first, like the ones on display.  Mom could see her mother wearing the clothing in the WWII exhibit: I wonder if any of the darning booklets are scanned on the web?  I’d like to know how to do that, mostly because I’m curious.

I felt slightly guilty at leaving Dan with the kids, but I knew that he and B were capable.

Dan told me he mostly let B wander at will, and would find exhibits both M and K could play with and stay put.

We all got tired at the same point, and met up on the same train.  A good thing because I didn’t have to buy a new ticket, I could come home on the family pass.

this was the red climbing thing K remembered but couldn't quite place - we thought she meant somewhere in NY

Mom and I knew it was time to come home, our discussions were getting loud enough for the art lovers to glare at us.

We thought this was her lost memory, but it's not Red.



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