Testing Day 1

This morning went quite smoothly.

Although the gym was still set up for church (with expensive audio equipment in danger from the children) and signing in was interrupted by the need to bless the kids and get them filling in little circles fully and completely in #2 pencils.

Greg the homeschool Dad taught some of the younger siblings street hocky in the first part of the morning.  I exploded my tea mug as I poured my too hot water into it from my electric tea kettle.

So, yes, I bought coffee and donuts.

K enjoyed playing with other children and mostly shared and mostly came out of the ball closet when called.  M mostly enjoyed four square despite not knowing any of his opponents and getting struck out more often then the other kids who did know the others…and I chatted until B was done with testing.

Just as I was looking at our pile of picnic/knitting/crayon stuff and wondering how I would ever get it out to the car, in the pouring rain, with all young children in tow, Dan walked over from work to say hi, pulled k off a pile of chairs I hadn’t noticed she was climbing on, and B suggested that he load all non-lunch things in the car while I made sandwiches.

I love my menfolk.

Dan may even have found a family or two to give new-to-us-old-computers-that-he-has-fixed-or found-on-trash-day.  That should cut down on our stash.

I think he has 11 at the moment.

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