To the Zoo

I slashed some of our homeschool so we’d have time to get ready to go to the zoo with cousins this afternoon.  Dan said I did a good job with the pizza, I’m writing it down so I can savor that a little more.  I made 9 pizzas and we had 1.5 left over, 13 people ate.

I need to pack everyone’s bathing suit, there is a splash pad at the zoo, as if lions and sloth bears weren’t exciting enough.  I also need to pack lunch.  Dan is meeting us there, his work is about a quarter mile, so it’s not to far to walk for  him.

I’ve got about 2/3 of my narrative assessment written for M, B’s test results could come as early as next week.

I guess then I get to start planning next year, it does look like we’re doing High School at home, at least this first year for B.

We still have 1/6 of this school year to go.

I also need to figure out what’s up with my WP ID and Blogger ID, I’m having trouble leaving comments on blogs, I guess having two websites and two e-mails means I’ve confused the sites that store the tiny photos of me.

Oh well, it’s not vital this instant.

2 thoughts on “To the Zoo

  1. I have trouble with Blogger comments, too– although if I have WP open (and I’m logged in) on another page at the same time, it will sometimes work. That little sign that says “Prove you’re not a robot” seems to think I’m a robot.