So Busy – whad’we do again?

Friday: B played in the High School Graduation (inside, to avoid the pouring down rain) I sewed with my aunt, M and K ran up and down the stairs to the neighbor’s house.  At one point the neighbor kids were at my house, and I didn’t know where my own were.  My Uncle started dinner for me.

Saturday: woke up rather sick, made an Ravelry ad on the Gimp,

sewed some more and took a nap.  Dan organized a house cleaning with the kids.  When I felt better, M, K and I walked over to Mom’s house to give my Aunt her hats.

Feeling even better I made two salads, one to bring to salad and sandwich lunch after church, one to share at our friend’s barbeque, celebrating her town’s Founding Day.  Such fun – she had friends over who homeschooled, public schooled, charter schooled, taught in school.  Dan and I had seriously promised each other we’d leave at 8:00 so the kids would be fresh for Sunday School. But then some friends we haven’t seen in a while arrived, and as long as we were talking YA fiction and standardized tests…we stayed for the fireworks too.

Sunday: No one was fresh for church, but Dan and I drank extra coffee, and the kids took a nap that afternoon.

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