Notes about being solo parent last week; and Secret 1

I could never write a suspense novel, just knowing that Dan and B were away in the NY Catskills was enough to clam up my blogging.  I couldn’t think of much to write without mentioning the context, and you aren’t supposed to do that on the internet…

Remember the town of Prattsville that got flooded so badly last fall in Hurricane Irene?  That’s just 7 miles from Huntersfield Christian Training Center where I spent a good chunk of most summers because my grandparents were on staff.  Huntersfield is organizing work groups from churches to help rebuild the town.  It meant so much for me to send Dan and Ben to work at that special place.

The portion of the group that traveled together from our house

Here is about half of the church group, the part that left from my house, and here is B dressed for installing insulation.

B with a dust mask and eye protection

I asked Dan to record bedtime stories for M and K.  K was utterly charmed, and so funny.  She’s at that development stage where magic and technology are inseparable.  Having heard Daddy read her a story on the computer, she brought me a library book and asked me to push a button and have Daddy read the new book!  She also expressed surprise that Daddy said the same thing each time she re-played his recording.

The heat broke earlier this week, so that made everyone feel better.  It was nice not to have to slip the kids hungry times into Dan has off from work times for meals too.  But that’s about all the advantages I can think of to solo-ing.  But I’m so glad they are back.


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