Fat talk so soon?

Such a contrast; I was looking up the Pink Monkey notes on Jane Eyre because I’d enjoyed the new movie, then I noticed a facebook update.  Someone’s account must have a virus, I just got a post on my wall suggesting a miracle way to “lose my belly fat for my husband or boyfriend.”

Last week I reminded K not to eat popsicles at the neighbor’s house.  I didn’t have time to add that it was  because we eat dinner at a different time than they do, and she has trouble finishing her meals as it is; nor that she is wildly energetic without the (I hope it’s real sugar) and food coloring.  She solumnly nodded, and interrupted me, “Popsicles will make me fat.”

I’d like to avoid another risk for heart disease and have an easier time fitting clothes when I sew or shop.  I’d like to be free of thinking of myself but as another human that I love as a neighbor.  I’d like to live healthily.  I’d like to show my little girl that I am valuable and that she is as well because we are made in God’s image.  Period, the end.  Not because she is pretty (she is) nor smart (ditto) but because she is made in God’s image.

I sort of thought this stuff came up when she was older, not when she’s 4.

Meanwhile, Dan tickled her, and she laughed, and we ate dinner, and she ate most of her veggies;  I deleted the facebook spam; and I still don’t understand Mr Rochester.



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