Folding the Neighbor kids into Phonics Drill

Yesterday, I got so distracted by putting the beach stuff away, that I forgot to start M’s school in good time.  Then the doorbell rang.

The upstairs boys were already bored of playing, could M come outside?  Then my laundry timer went off and when I returned, I had two extra kids in the kitchen and still had to finish up the phonics for the day.

Know what?  Bored kids love phonics.  And M seemed more interested in drill with friends along.  His buddy reads much more fluently than M does, but he didn’t know some of the fancy Spell to Write and Read phonograms, or why some words have a silent final e and a short vowel.

I stocked up on chocolate chips at the grocery store, so if they come over again, we can do phonogram bingo in style.

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