Ta Da! Tin of Tans; Cross Post from Christine Guest Designs

Here it is, my last secret…my crochet pattern Tin of Tans is up!

My Grandma Williams gave educational presents: a make your own moccasin kit, a potholder loom, a microscope, and lots of Dover Press books, including a Tangram set. I loved to dump out my red cardboard puzzle pieces, and try to make the solid figures in my book. (Yes, I did ‘cheat’ by looking at the ‘answers’ for how the triangles, parallelogram and square made the pictures) Once I turned 12, Dad would not ‘race’ me on matching puzzle sets anymore…because I always won!

The crocheted tangrams fitting in the Altoids tin

I love little projects that fit in Altoids Tins. The implied first instruction is “Eat all the Candy.”

Crocheted and cross stitched cover of the Tin of Tans

So, a hand made set of tans could only get more fun if it fit in a 50g Altoid tin, and if the Tin of Tans is crocheted in #10 thread, it does!

Birthday Cake Tangram with real candles and the Tin

It makes a fun, whimsical gift, someone must have a birthday soon.

The pattern is written in American crochet terminology, charted, and tech edited (Thank you Lindsey Stephens). There is a pattern for the crocheted tin cover, and a cross stitch chart for the lettering, but if you prefer a simpler label, you can cut out the paper one from the pattern itself. The pattern includes links to printable tangram puzzles, and technique tutorials for the foundation single crochet and working cross stitch on single crochet ground.

Want a copy of the pattern? It’s free to subscribers over at Craftlit for the next 2 months, then I’m selling it for $6 a copy…Wait, a monthly subscription to Craftlit is only $5!

What a deal.

And you know you always wanted to find out what happened to Gulliver after Lilliput anyway.

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