Random notes

  • I’m starting to keep to-do lists on my computer desk top for organizing my Summer and Fall homeschool and pattern/article writing.  They are so long they scare me.
  • Friday Morning M asked me if I’d read my Bible portion yet, I seemed a little cross to him.
  • Ben summed up his history reading, “I’d say Cortez was a cross between Jack Sparrow and General Patton.”
  • I re-worked a thrifted dress last week, photos soon, some of them are on my Mom’s camera.
  • I have not yet mailed B’s standardized test into the principal yet, even though this year I had the results early.
  • K has been working through the available craft supplies at an astonishing rate.  She is hoping to remake her bedroom like Fancy Nancy did.  I think she’ll need more translucent sheer fabric, glitter glue, gilt paint, and plastic jewels.
  • A lot has changed at the Y in the 5 years since I swam regularly.  Instead of a life guard telling me how badly her sister-in-law (and by extension EVERYBODY) homeschooled, the lady at the front desk asked me if her first year of homeschooling was typical and did I have any advice?
  • I’ve swum 3 weekdays in a row – My checkup was Thursday, and my doctor had to give me the increased risk for heart disease and type II diabetes at my BMI speech.  So, in a week and a half, swimming will be  habit, right?  Or is it longer to establish habits, I forget.

What habits are you setting up?

2 thoughts on “Random notes

  1. Love the comment about Cortez!
    I’ve been keeping up a five days a week exercise habit. It helped immensely to keep track of my exercise. I wrote down the exercise and length of time on a calendar in the bathroom. I see it several times every day, so it inspires me to keep up the good work.

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. I want to reestablish my morning writing/running time, but I really need to make my rest-time as Bible-time a priority in order to make that worthwhile. Good job on the swimming! And don’t forget, your doctor DIDN’T have to lecture you one smoking (the other new HRSA mandate) so you’re ahead of the game there.