Next Year’s Scope and Sequence

And, yes, I swam this morning even though the thunder storm woke everyone up at 4AM.  (Go me ;-)

I got the scope and sequence written up and mailed yesterday, oh look, blog fodder!  I hope I can still call myself an eclectic  homeschooler if I’m so indebted to the Well Trained Mind.  Even calling myself neoclassical is a bit intimidating, even if it is more accurate.

Instructional Scope and Sequence for Benjamin:

American Government Ben will outline appropriate chapters of the Complete Idiot’s Part 1 Guide to American History by Alan Axelrod, Ph.D. He will include The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, the Constitution of the United States, “On American Taxation,” “The Rights of Man,” and “Common Sense,” in his great books reading for History and Literature.


Art Ben will work through several lessons from Feed My Sheep by Barry Stebbing, and draw his diagrams for Biology lab.


Bible Ben will read portions of both the Old and New Testaments.


Grammar Exercises in Editor in Chief B1 by Cheryl Block, Linda Borla, Gaeir Dietrich, and Margaret Hockett.


History/Reading Readings in America: A Narrative History, by George B. Tindall, and A History of Asia by Rhodes Murphey as well as great books from the Early Modern era, as suggested by the Well Educated Mind.


Logic Traditional Logic II
by Martin Cothran, dvd lectures and book.


Mathematics Jacob’s Geometry


Music Flute lessons with Mrs LeFerrier, Band performance with the Attleboro High School Band, and the YMCA Summer Band


Nature, Science, Apologia biology, we hope to find him a

and Technology F.I.R.S.T. Team to compete with.


Spanish Ben will continue to study with his tutor over Skype


Writing Writing Strands 6 by Dave Marks, as well as short essays and notes on his history reading, and biology notebook.



Instructional Scope and Sequence for M:


Bible M will continue to listen to daily readings by his Dad and Brother.


Art M will work through the exercises in I Can Do AllThings: A Beginning book of Drawing and Painting by Barry Stebbing, and possibly take an art class at Eagle’s Wings Co-op.


History/ Geography M will listen to reading from the Story of the World III, Early Modern times and do the suggested geography exercises. We may read co-lateral geography, biography, and fictional books.


Writing/grammar M will practice writing and dictation by doing copy- work exercises from Writing with Ease, by Susan Wise Bauer.

Phonics Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sansori


Literature We will continue to read aloud many poems, novels and biographies, especially those that correlate with his history study.


Mathematics Miquon Math, levels 4 and 5.


Music M will study the recorder, using “it’s RECORDER time,” by Alfred d’Auberge, and Morton Manus


Nature, Science, We plan to hike in the local Audubon Sanctuaries, and Technology National Wildlife Sanctuaries, and State Parks. We will also work in our flower and vegetable gardens. We hope to compete in the Jr. F.I.R.S.T Lego League Robotics Competition.

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  1. Christine, way to go with the swimming! And your scope & sequence looks awesome. (I need to lay it out like that so I can see how much we’re doing.) Happy planning!