Gift Bags from Aunt Marcia

Last week we hosted my Uncle Steph and Aunt Paula as they headed to Maine with my Mom and other aunts and uncles to my cousin Laurie’s funeral.

My Aunt Marcia (Dad’s side of the family) lives near my Aunt Susan who was staying at Mom’s house, and she sent K and the boys some beautifully carved wooden games, lots of paper, fancy edged scissors, and itunes cards.  We are figuring out how to run itunes on WINE, M wants to download audio books, B wants movie soundtracks.

M and K cutting paper with fancy edged scissors

K just wants to cut more paper.  She’s already used up the three rolls of single sided tape I bought her on Friday.

K's desk covered in new paper cut with fancy edged scissors

My kitchen floor is covered in fancy confetti at the moment, I’m trying to remember that even adult ladies have trouble keeping their craft spaces tidy – there are whole magazines and blogs about it, so of course 4  year old K has some struggles too.  Meanwhile, she knows which pair of scissors is best for cutting crocodile teeth, and which pair she likes best for borders.

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