Mom, I’m Bored.

“Mom, I’m bored.” is heard only second to “Mom, can I use  your computer?” (the polite way of saying, “Mom, you are distracted.”)

B is at his band rehearsal, the girls upstairs can’t play with K because their mom has babies to watch in the morning, and they help; the boys upstairs haven’t tromped down yet, and M and K’s rooms are clean.

What’s a kid to do…sort laundry? (Heh Heh.)

I’ve been letting K especially watch too much TV lately.  She must have had creative spells though because we had a lot of paper to clean up in the kitchen before dinner.

I do have a ton of prep work to write for next year’s school, co-op, Fun Fair, and my patterns I’m writing.  But I feel like all that computer centric stuff is making me into a Bad Mom.  Whatever that means.

Maybe I need to pack a notebook (or laptop?) and take them to the park.  If they are outside running around, then I’m a Good Mom?

Whatever that means.

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