Contented Evening

B washed the dinner dishes, M swept the kitchen floor.  M’s library book on tape is playing, Beverly Cleary always makes me laugh.  Dan is bathing K.  We’ve done school, I’m recovered after updating, which I’ve been obsessing about lately.  Ben says I need to take a coding Lent.  I love it’s pretty navigation tabs, and they are all css, no images!  When it’s time to change it up, I can just change the style file.  Of course, the blog part does have a separate css file, but it’s not so hard to copy it.  Adding to today’s shine, I didn’t get lost driving a dinner over to a church family after flute lesson.  I also stopped at dunkin Doughnuts on the way home, it was easier to turn around in the driveway and go the way I needed to on rt 44.  I asked for a dozen munchkins, but the guy gave us more like 4 dozen. I guess the kids looked hungry!

M is starting to read.  It’s not as dramatic as when B read three novels while I was in China, but he is remembering all the alphabet, and not falling off his chair when he reads.  Dan has been reading with M every evening in addition to his school time for the last 6 weeks.  I think striving to live up to Daddy’s expectations has him inspired.

Grandma gave K a workbook of print letters.  K is very serious about doing one a day, she’s looking forward to the review page, it has Oscar the Grouch on it.

Yes, I’ve been swimming faithfully, at least this week now that my ear has cleared up.

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